Transaparancy Measures

At, Team CVOTER, complete emphasis is given to maintaining transparency in the system. There are two way steps taken to ensure the transparency:

Transparency in the company: The transparency in the company is maintained via holding open meetings, wherein everybody is free to discuss their point of views. The process is made clear to everybody and there is Open Door Policy for anybody, at any level to discuss their problems or issues with the seniors.

For every project, a project Coordinator is assigned the responsibility of coordinating with the team, comprising of experts in all the relevant fields. The project and the team are introduced to the Coordinator and the flow of information is designed and explained to everyone in the team. During the course of the project, regular meetings are held to assess the flow of work. The minutes of the meetings are shared with the seniors. At the end of the project, the report is compiled using the inputs of all the team members and then refined into a final version.

We have a HR team to coordinate between various wings of the company viz. Research, Finance, KPO team and the Management team.

Transparency with the clients: We, at Team CVOTER, ensure that we maintain complete transparency with the client. The client is made aware of the flowchart of the process design. The process is divided into: Process design, Sampling frame, Questionnaire design, Data Handling and report writing. At each step, the client is informed about the progress of the project and the inputs, if any, are taken to make desired changes in the project.

Transparency with the respondents: Every day, our team deals with a number of respondents, whose valuable inputs are required for our research purposes. The team is instructed to explain the purpose and the scope of the survey to the respondent. Also, the team member (interviewer) takes permission from the respondent to carry out the survey. All this while, the respondent is ensured that any of the personal details are not disclosed at any time of the survey.