Shocking Survey: YS Jagan, Rajinikanth, Modi!


The result of joint survey of Republic and C-Voter for Andhra Pradesh is defying all the logics taking many rational people by shock. The survey ‘observed’ that if Lok Sabha elections are held right now, YSRCP would bag 13 seats whereas TDP and BJP combine would only settle with 12 seats. This means, TDP-BJP combine which have won 17 seats in 2014 would fall to 12. It is nothing but the prediction of ‘rise’ of YSRCP whereas ground report is complete contrary as the party is going through its most difficult phase with lack of proper leaders other than Jagan. With most of its crucial leaders already quit the party and it is struggling under the leadership of Jagan, Republic TV’ survey is shocking many political pundits.

In fact, reports had it that Jagan Mohan Reddy’s own survey by his political advisor Prashant Kishor saw totally opposite result which indicated a clear edge for TDP.


Republic and C-voter survey’s prediction for Telangana too drawing flak. The survey stated that BJP would gain 3 Lok Sabha seats and Congress would get only 2 Lok Sabha seats while TRS would bag the rest 12 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana. No doubt, Congress is stronger than the BJP in Telangana and is the principal Opposition party in the state. Also, in the 2014 polls where Modi wave was riding high, BJP managed to win only 1 Lok Sabha seat in Telangana. Even in GHMC elections, BJP couldn’t even manage to win 5 Corporations in the city despite that it has 5 MLAs in the city.

Tamil Nadu

The survey indicated that Rajinikanth would win 23 Lok Sabha seats, DMK would win 13 seats, AIADMK would get 3 seats. New entrant to politics, it is highly difficult for Rajini’s party to get that figure. This is total contrast to India Today’s survey that stated that Rajini would only get 16 per cent votes.


Republic and C-voter survey also predicted that Modi & Amit Shah-led BJP would win a whopping 335 Lok Sabha seats which accounts to more than 61 per cent of Lok Sabha seats. This is despite the fact that BJP has no hold in Southern part of India (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala).


In many ways, the survey results are quite shocking and defying many logics. Political analysts observe that the survey is biased towards BJP and its new allies – Rajinikanth (Tamil Nadu), Jagan Reddy (YSRCP). Analysts opined that the survey seems to be a gimmick to bring hype for BJP’s future ‘friends’.

Meanwhile, the survey samples are also very low that also indicate that the survey could mostly be wrong. While on an average each constitution in AP has 14 Lakh 72 Thousand voters, the survey considered only 110 people. Even out of which it shown stiff competition between TDP and BJP.