Ethics Of research

We cover following areas of professional ethics:

1). Privacy policy: It is our policy to keep the personal details of the respondents with utmost privacy and do not share them for any purpose, whatsoever.

2). Public Interest: The release of a research report that has a important socio-economic angle attached to it, is controlled and made only to the concerned authority.

3). Nuisance Value: We understand the sensitivity attached to some of the news/ research articles. Their handling is done with utmost care.

4). Sampling Frame: The design and selection of the respondents is done very meticulously, so as to get maximum information regarding a particular subject.

5). Team training: The team is trained well to handle the issues of the respondents and to take their problems sensitively.

6). Questionnaire Design: The questions, so designed are in accordance with our unbiased approach towards any topic.

7). Ethics of Human resource: There is no disparity in the company with regards to the gender, age or position of the employee.

8). Ethics of IPR: we give full respect to one’s ideas and have no misuse of anybody’s intellectual property.