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India has great expectations from govt’s economic reforms but data shows not all of them are being met

The Cvoter Budget Tracker 2018 (see results here) confirms people have great expectations from Narendra Modi government’s major reform initiatives. But, it re-confirms these expectations are not being met, certainly not in public perception. There are always two major stakeholders in Union

Why Diggi Raja Wants to Dump EVM?

First things first. I wrote this paper originally in 2003, just before the MP assembly elections were to happen. The Congress Chief Minister Digvijay Singh had thrown open challenge (yet again) that he would win against all odds, just like

Consolidated identities, but divided loyalties

If Most Backward Classes, Dalits and Forward Castes turn out in more numbers than the Muslim-Yadav-Kurmi coalition on polling days, then the NDA may carry the day in Bihar The approaching Assembly election in Bihar has precipitated a strident division

Factoring in the verdict

  If the NDA had concentrated on its development narrative, inflation would not have emerged as the key issue in the Bihar poll. The Bihar Assembly elections verdict marks the emergence of new contours in the ‘cow belt’ polity. The

Crucial polls today: A guide to calculus of Rajya Sabha for dummies

We all know about the FPTP system of Lok Sabha elections. FPTP stands for “first past the post” and it’s the simplest form of election in the world — as simple as winning a race. There are a fixed number of

Primaries? Electoral College Votes? Huh? Dummies’ guide to the US presidential elections


So Donald Trump has won the primaries in US. Wait, didn’t someone say Hillary Clinton has won the primaries in the US? Ok, got it. Both Trump and Clinton have won the elections. But wait, how is that possible? Only one

Ten ‘X-Factors’ That Could Decide Battle Bihar 2015

  Bihar is no stranger to the centre-stage of Indian polity. From the halcyon days of the Independence struggle to the seething era of the JP movement to ultimately the Mandal times, Bihar remained a harbinger of political fortunes for

Assembly Polls: A Historical Departure Was Just Witnessed In Delhi

  No other state in India has ever been through such a rapid political transformation in a span of 14 months as in Delhi. The political landscape of Delhi, dominated for decades by two national parties, saw the arrival a

Snap Poll: Punjab Says It Is Ready For AAP

  Co-authored with Manu Sharma As a long-time observer of Punjab, and especially as someone who witnessed the turbulent 1980s first hand, India’s north-western gateway cannot be in a better shape. With militancy reduced to a paper tiger, communal amity

Pre-Budget Poll: Achhe Din Yet To Come For 59% But Hopes Still High

  Co-authored with Manu Sharma Budget 2015 is going to be the make-or-break budget of the Modi Sarkar. If Prime Minister Modi pulls this one off, he will become India’s Deng Xiaoping; otherwise, he runs the risk of facing the