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Deep Down South (no we are not even touching TamilNadu yet)

YoYa: The South is likely to witness a series of critical elections that can shape the future of state politics. But precisely for this reason, the Lok Sabha election is likely to be focused on regional issues and personalities. Modi

Talking about ‘North Zone’ of JK & Punjab and AAP ki Baat

YoYa: The North is not much of a separate region. It is just that the politics of Punjab and J&K does not fit into the pattern of the Hindi-speaking states. If one goes by the record of the local bodies elections

Likely losses for BJP in West

I had reckoned that YoYa’s observation on the gains in “Eastern Greenfield States” for BJP would differ significantly from our tracker numbers. To my surprise, it didn’t. So, no need to argue where we agree.  Not surprisingly however, we differ

Starting with the East

It started with a fun-tweet at my end, poking Prof. Yogenadra Yadav that he doesn’t take @cvoterindia’s numbers seriously. In a way, I interjected in a conversation between Dr. Sanjay Kumar of CSDS and Prof. Yadav. Dr. Sanjay disagrees with

DDCA Elections 2018: Rajat Sharma is the best candidate for President post, corruption root cause behind DDCA’s lost glory, claims survey

DDCA Elections 2018: IndiaTV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma, who is contesting for the DDCA President post, has promised to transform the state cricket association into a professional, transparent and corruption-free body. Well known TV personality Rajat Sharma is the

Will the Karnataka exit polls hit the bullseye?

While some Karnataka exit polls say BJP will emerge as the single largest party and others root for Congress, no one has predicted a certain majority for any party. A month ago, Election Metrics had remarked that the Karnataka elections

Karnataka Exit Poll 2018: CVoter-ABP exit poll predicts victory for BJP

As polling ended for the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018, the CVoter-ABP Exit Poll has predicted a victory for the BJP. According to the poll, the Congress is slated to sucure 93 seats where as JD(S) is expected to clinch approximately

Bad news for Mamata Banerjee, TMC: Survey shows BJP gaining big in rural West Bengal

West Bengal Panchayat election date is yet to be announced by the State Election Commission (SEC) but Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is overwhelmingly favourite to sweep the rural body polls, according to an opinion poll conducted by ABP Ananda-C Voter.

Karnataka Election Opinion Poll 2018: Here’s what may happen to BJP, Congress and JD(S), surveys predict

Karnataka Election Opinion Poll 2018 Highlights: Who will win Karnataka? The answer to this question would be finally known on May 15. However, opinion polls suggesting the way votes may swing have started to come. On Monday, ABP News- Lokniti

EVM fear forcing Congress MLAs to migrate, says KPCC leader

“Congress MLAs in Karnataka fear losing in the upcoming Assembly elections owing to doubts over the integrity of the electronic voting machines (EVMs). At least 50 per cent of them might shift to the other party due to fear of